Dave Marciano Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Dave Marciano bio

Dave Marciano is the star of National Geographic’s reality show Evil Tuna. Dave has come a long way, from pond fishing as a kid to commercially hunting giant bluefin tuna in the ocean as an adult.

Dave Marciano Bio: Age, beginning of life, ethnicity

Dave was born on December 5, 1965 in Beverly, Massachusetts and is currently 55 years old.

He is an American citizen of Caucasian descent. Dave spent his childhood with his family in Ipswich and Beverly, Massachusetts.

When Dave was nine years old, his family moved to Beverly, near the harbor. He was given a whole new world and the chance to explore fishing.

Although he was not born into a fishing family, Dave went fishing out of curiosity and sometimes with his mother.

One day he asked his mother if she would buy him a fishing rod. When he got it, he spent hours fishing, and his love of fish grew stronger over the years.


Meanwhile, he survived his first accident with an ankle hook. He had no problems because his mother took him to the hospital.

Dave Marciano Training Details

He attended high school in Gloucester while playing and studying on the Yankee fleet boat. He was not very interested in learning and preferred to spend his time on the boat.

He graduated from high school in 1984, but decided not to go to college and pursue his dream.

Dave Marciano Career data

Dave was offered a permanent position on a ship in the Yankee fleet, which he accepted. Dave worked in the early part of the decade and then got his driver’s license.

Even though he made a good living as a captain, Dave knew he could do more, so in 1996 he bought a boat and started fishing commercially.

Dave was invited to appear on a National Geographic show called Evil Tuna, where he became somewhat famous because the show was quite popular.

The reality show is about fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts, who fish in the North Atlantic and compete to catch the most bluefin tuna.

The show first aired in April 2012, and Dave was there from the beginning. Evil Tuna has helped Dave make a lot of friends and also some enemies because it’s a very competitive job and everyone wants to be the best. People who worked for Dave said he had become greedy over the years and his ego had become too big for him.

The eighth season began on the 11th. March 2019. The Evil Tuna series consists of about 100 episodes and six specials, each about an hour long.

He started his own company called Hard Merchandise, which is also the name of his boat.

Dave Marciano History and Marital Details

Dave is married to his longtime wife, Nancy Marciano. They exchanged vows in 1990. Over the years they have had three children: Angelika, Josef and Eva.

His wife, Nancy, had been fishing since she was a child. Her father and brother used to fish, and over the years she enjoyed that too. We often see her fishing with Dave, but also without him. She holds the record for a female stripper in Massachusetts.

Dave Marciano Kids

Dave has three children: Angelica Elizabeth Marciano, Joseph, also known as Joe Marciano, and Eva Rose Marciano.

The two oldest, Angelica and Joseph, help run the family business. Joseph is captain of the Hard Merchandise, whereas Angelica works as a deckhand on her father’s ship.

Arrest of Dave Marciano and problems with the law

The 20th. In January 2015, Dave was arrested in Morehead, North Carolina, for assaulting a hotel employee.

According to the police report, Dave pulled a woman’s dick. His wife said he could never do that.

Net assets of Dave Marciano

Dave is the owner of Falcon and Hard Merchandise. He also manages Angelica Fisheries Inc. based in Beverly, Massachusetts. In addition to commercial fishing, Dave also organizes charter fishing trips off the coast of Massachusetts.

Watching Evil Tuna can bring in between $7,000 and $20,000 per episode.

Highly sought after on the market, the big tuna can reach a price of $20,000. Dave Marciano’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.