Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann: Back Together or Back to Drama?

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann: Back Together or Back to Drama?


Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have been making headlines for their tumultuous relationship, which has gone from a fairy tale romance to a bitter divorce and back again. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and the ex-NFL player have been facing financial troubles, legal battles, and public scrutiny for their actions. Recently, they surprised their fans and friends by reuniting for their 12th wedding anniversary, sparking rumors of a reconciliation. However, not everyone is happy for them, as some of their pals are embarrassed by their behavior and feel sorry for their kids. Here is everything you need to know about Kim and Kroy’s roller coaster ride of love and hate.

Kim and Kroy’s relationship began in 2010, when they met at a charity event in Atlanta. Kim, who was already a mother of two daughters from a previous marriage, was instantly attracted to Kroy, who was a rookie linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. They started dating and soon moved in together. Kim became pregnant with their first son, KJ, who was born in 2011. They tied the knot in a lavish ceremony on November 11, 2011, which was filmed for their spin-off show, Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding. They welcomed their second son, Kash, in 2012, and their twins, Kaia and Kane, in 2013. They also adopted Kim’s daughters, Brielle and Ariana, making them a family of eight.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann

Kim and Kroy’s relationship was documented on various reality shows, such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Don’t Be Tardy, and Dancing with the Stars. They also made guest appearances on other shows, such as Watch What Happens Live, The Wendy Williams Show, and Hollywood Medium. They portrayed themselves as a happy and loving couple, who supported each other through thick and thin. They also showed off their lavish lifestyle, which included expensive cars, clothes, jewelry, and a mansion in Atlanta. They seemed to have it all, until things started to fall apart.

Kim Zolciak divorce

The reasons for Kim and Kroy’s divorce are complex and multifaceted, but some of the main factors that contributed to their split are their irreconcilable differences, their custody battle, their allegations against each other, and their tax debt and foreclosure issues.

Kim and Kroy have been having marital problems for a long time, but they reached a breaking point in April 2023, when Kim filed for divorce from Kroy, citing their marriage as “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation”. According to a source close to the couple, one of the main reasons for their divorce was their financial woes, which put too much pressure on their relationship. Kim and Kroy have been facing tax debt and foreclosure issues for years, as they owe more than $1 million in unpaid taxes and have been sued by their former landlord for failing to pay rent on their mansion. Their lavish lifestyle, which they often flaunted on social media and reality TV, was unsustainable and led them to live beyond their means.

Another reason for their divorce was their custody battle over their four minor children, Kroy Jr., Kash, Kaia, and Kane. Kroy, who adopted Kim’s two daughters from previous relationships, Brielle and Ariana, in 2013, filed for full legal and physical custody of their kids, claiming that Kim was an unfit mother who had an excessive gambling problem and acted abusively in front of their children. Kim denied Kroy’s allegations and countersued for full custody, stating that she was a loving, fit, and proper parent who had always put her children’s best interests first. The custody dispute has been bitter and contentious, as both parents have accused each other of lying, cheating, and manipulating the situation.

A third reason for their divorce was their allegations against each other, which have been aired publicly and caused a lot of drama. Kim and Kroy have been slinging mud at each other in the media, making shocking claims and revealing dirty secrets. For instance, Kroy alleged that Kim had an affair with a married man, who paid for her plastic surgeries and lavish trips. Kim, on the other hand, alleged that Kroy had a drug addiction and a secret love child, who he had abandoned and refused to support. These allegations have not only damaged their reputation, but also hurt their children, who have been exposed to their parents’ nasty feud.

A fourth reason for their divorce was their reunion for their 12th wedding anniversary, which was short-lived and backfired. Kim and Kroy surprised their fans and friends by reuniting for a lavish dinner in August 2023, after they had dismissed their divorce petitions in July 2023. They posted romantic photos and videos on social media, and Kim even changed her Instagram handle back to @kimbiermann, after dropping it in June 2023. However, their reunion was not genuine, as they were still living separately and fighting constantly. Their friends and co-stars were skeptical and embarrassed by their behavior, as they felt that they were desperate, delusional, or disrespectful. Their reunion also angered their creditors, who accused them of wasting money on frivolous expenses while owing them millions. Their reunion ended up being a disaster, as Kroy filed for divorce again in August 2023, just one week after their anniversary.


The current status of Kim and Kroy’s relationship is unclear, as they have not made any official statements about their divorce or reconciliation. However, based on their recent social media posts, it seems that they are still separated and living in different states. Kim has been posting photos and videos of herself and her kids in California, where she has been filming a new reality show called Kim of Beverly Hills. Kroy, on the other hand, has been posting photos and videos of himself and his dogs in Georgia, where he has been working as a coach for a high school football team. They have not mentioned or tagged each other in their posts, nor have they commented or liked each other’s posts. They have also unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter, and changed their bios to remove any references to their marriage.

It seems that Kim and Kroy have moved on from their drama and are focusing on their careers and children. However, some fans and friends are still hoping that they will get back together and work on their marriage, as they believe that they still love each other and have a strong bond. Others are glad that they have parted ways and are hoping that they will find happiness and peace with someone else, as they believe that they are toxic and incompatible. What do you think about Kim and Kroy’s relationship? Do you think they should stay together or split up for good? Share your opinions in the comments section below and follow the story for more updates.

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