Ross Butler Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Ross Buttler is an Asian actor who has played many American roles in Hollywood; his full name is Ross Fleming Butler. So he is an actor by profession who is best known for his role in the Disney series. He has American nationality and was born on May 17, 1990 in Singapore as a Taurus. Ross is currently 31 years old.

Details of Ross Butler’s career

Ross first appeared on The Gateway life Tv as Allen. But other than giving Ross his best in this film, he didn’t get much else. The film did so poorly that it failed to reach the audience it was intended for. But that didn’t ruin his career. He used it as a lesson.

In 2013, he starred in season 2 of the series Major Crimes and played the character of Ian Yorita in the series Choose Your Poison. There were 19 episodes in the second season, which aired from 2013 to 2014.


From time to time he continued to expand his acting career, so that by 2014 he could be seen in numerous projects, including two films and four television series. He starred in the film “Rules of the Trade” and in the film “Two Bedrooms” as Roy. The film tells the story of two women who meet a ghost in their apartment.

In 2014, he played several roles in different series, including the role of Chris Choi in Star Seed, the role of Chris in the series Hollywood, and casting in the series Happily Ever After and Dog Park.
Ross also appeared in three episodes of the series Chasing Life as a hunter in 2015. That same year, he starred in the dramatic film Perfect High as Nate.

Ross Butler’s dating history and the details of his marriage.

Ross is one of the few celebrities who has never been engaged or dated anyone before she was twenty. When he participated in the series “K.C Undercover,” he had a new crush on the character of Zendei. However, he has remained unflinchingly silent on social media about his relationship and, according to several documents, it is currently likely that he will become single. According to him, two people need to be emotionally prepared and ready to commit before they are with each other.

He is fluent in piano and guitar and has experience with video games. Ross also enjoys spending his free time in Southern California, mentoring young women and men at the Boys and Girls Club of Venice. Ross also has many followers on his social media; he has over 669,100 followers on Twitter and over 157,000 followers on Facebook. On Instagram, he has nearly 1.8 million subscribers and has posted more than 1.5 million messages.

Ross Butler’s readings

Ross has black hair and dark brown eyes, he is six feet tall and weighs 80 pounds.

Details on Ross Butler’s net cost and salary

Ross usually charges $135,000 for each season of three episodes. His net worth is about $500,000. Ross has many sources of income, as most actors earn between $19,000 and $210,000 a year. For example, his film Tastes of Youth, which he directed in 2018, earned over 28 million yen.

Ross Butler’s parents and his family details…

The Ross family remained in Singapore, where Ross was born, then the family moved to Virginia, leaving his father in Singapore. His father is British and his mother is Indonesian. His mother raised him as a single parent in Northern Virginia.

Details over Ross Butler’s training

Ross was enrolled at Ohio State University to study biomolecular and chemical engineering. From a young age, he dreamed of becoming an actor. In 2010, he left college to follow his role model and attempt an acting career after nearly a year of college.

Ross then had to move to pursue his acting career in Los Angeles. There he enrolled in acting classes and a friend of his paid his first fee as a birthday present.

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