Shannen Doherty’s Ex, Kurt Iswarienko, Denies Affair, But She Vows ‘Truth Matters’

Shannen Doherty’s Ex, Kurt Iswarienko, Denies Affair, But She Vows ‘Truth Matters’
Shannen Doherty’s Ex, Kurt Iswarienko, Denies Affair


Shannen Doherty, the actress best known for her roles in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed”, has opened up about her ex-husband Kurt Iswarienko’s alleged affair that she discovered shortly before undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. Doherty, who is battling stage 4 breast cancer, revealed the details of her marital breakdown on her new podcast “Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty”. Iswarienko, a photographer and film electrician, has denied the accusations and claimed that he was faithful to Doherty throughout their 11-year marriage.

The shocking revelation came as a surprise to many fans and media outlets, who had followed Doherty and Iswarienko’s relationship since they got married in 2011. The couple had documented their love story on a reality show called “Shannen Says” in 2012, where they showed their wedding preparations, honeymoon, and everyday life. They also supported each other through Doherty’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, which she first announced in 2015.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Doherty found out that Iswarienko had been cheating on her with another woman, whom she did not name, for over a year. She said that she discovered the affair through a text message on Iswarienko’s phone, just days before she was scheduled to have a surgery to remove a tumor from her brain. She said that she confronted him about it, but he denied everything and tried to gaslight her.

“I felt betrayed, unloved, and alone,” Doherty said on her podcast. “I was about to go under the knife, and he was lying to my face. He didn’t even have the decency to admit it or apologize. He just acted like nothing happened.”

Doherty said that she decided to divorce Iswarienko in April 2023, citing irreconcilable differences. She said that she filed the papers without telling him, and that he only found out when he received a notification from the court. She said that she wanted to end the marriage as soon as possible, and that she did not care about the money or the assets.

“I just wanted to get rid of him and move on with my life,” Doherty said. “He doesn’t deserve anything from me. He broke my heart and my trust. He doesn’t even care about my health or my well-being. He only cares about himself and his mistress.”

Iswarienko, on the other hand, has denied the allegations and said that he was shocked and saddened by Doherty’s claims. He said that he never cheated on her or lied to her, and that he loved her with all his heart. He said that he was always by her side, and that he tried to make her happy and comfortable.

“I don’t know where this is coming from, or why she is doing this to me,” Iswarienko said in a statement. “I have never been unfaithful to Shannen, or any woman I have ever been with. I have always respected and honored her, and I still do. I don’t understand why she is saying these things, or what she hopes to gain from this. I just want to clear my name and set the record straight.”

Iswarienko said that he was willing to cooperate with the divorce process, and that he hoped that they could resolve their issues amicably. He said that he wished Doherty the best, and that he prayed for her recovery and health.

“I still love Shannen, and I always will,” Iswarienko said. “She is a strong and brave woman, and I admire her for that. I hope that she finds peace and happiness, and that she heals from this pain. I hope that one day, we can talk and understand each other, and maybe even be friends. But for now, I just want to say that I am not the villain that she is making me out to be. I am not a cheater, or a liar, or a bad person. I am just a man who loved his wife, and who is hurting right now.”

Doherty, however, said that she was not interested in hearing Iswarienko’s side of the story, or in reconciling with him. She said that she knew the truth, and that she had proof of his infidelity. She said that she was not afraid to expose him, and that she would not let him get away with his lies.

“I have the texts, the emails, the photos, the videos, everything,” Doherty said. “I have all the evidence that shows what he did, and who he did it with. I am not making this up, or exaggerating, or being dramatic. This is the reality, and I am not going to hide it or sugarcoat it. I am going to tell the truth, and let the world know what he did to me. Because the truth matters, and I deserve justice.”

Doherty said that she planned to share more details of her divorce and her cancer journey on her podcast, which she launched in November 2023. She said that she wanted to use her platform to inspire and empower other women who were going through similar situations, and to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and treatment. She said that she was grateful for the support and love that she received from her fans, friends, and family, and that she was optimistic about her future.

“I am not going to let this break me, or define me, or stop me from living my life,” Doherty said. “I am going to fight this, and I am going to win. I have faith, and I have hope, and I have love. I have a lot to live for, and a lot to give. I am not giving up, or giving in, or giving him any power over me. I am Shannen Doherty, and I am stronger than ever.”

The Affair That Shattered Shannen Doherty’s Marriage

The Affair That Shattered Shannen Doherty’s Marriage

Doherty said that she first suspected that Iswarienko was having an affair in late 2022, when she noticed that he was acting distant and secretive. She said that he would often stay out late, ignore her calls and texts, and make excuses for his whereabouts. She said that she tried to talk to him and find out what was wrong, but he would always brush her off or get angry.

“I knew something was up, but I didn’t want to believe it,” Doherty said. “I loved him so much, and I trusted him. I thought we had a good marriage, and that we were happy. I thought we were in this together, especially after everything we went through with my cancer.”

Doherty said that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and that it was one of the most difficult and scary experiences of her life. She said that she underwent several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and that she lost her hair and her confidence. She said that Iswarienko was supportive and caring during her treatment, and that he helped her cope with the physical and emotional pain.

“He was my rock, my hero, my best friend,” Doherty said. “He was there for me every step of the way. He held my hand, he wiped my tears, he made me laugh. He told me that I was beautiful, and that he loved me no matter what. He gave me hope, and he gave me strength.”

Doherty said that she was in remission by 2017, and that she was optimistic about her recovery. She said that she and Iswarienko celebrated their sixth anniversary in 2017, and that they renewed their vows in a romantic ceremony in Malibu. She said that they also traveled to Europe, Asia, and Africa, and that they enjoyed their life together.

“We were so happy, and so in love,” Doherty said. “We had so many plans, and so many dreams. We wanted to start a family, and to grow old together. We wanted to make the most of every moment, and to cherish every day.”

However, Doherty said that her happiness was short-lived, as she received devastating news in 2020. She said that her cancer had returned, and that it had spread to her spine and brain. She said that she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and that she had a very low chance of survival.

“I was shocked, and terrified, and heartbroken,” Doherty said. “I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me again. I couldn’t understand why, or how, or what I did wrong. I felt like I was being punished, or cursed, or doomed.”

Doherty said that she decided to keep her diagnosis a secret from the public, and that she only told her close friends and family. She said that she also told Iswarienko, and that she expected him to be by her side, as he was before. However, she said that he reacted differently this time, and that he seemed to withdraw from her.

“He was not the same person that I knew and loved,” Doherty said. “He was cold, and distant, and indifferent. He didn’t comfort me, or support me, or encourage me. He didn’t show me any affection, or any compassion, or any emotion. He acted like he didn’t care, or like he didn’t want to be with me.”

Doherty said that she felt lonely and abandoned, and that she wondered if Iswarienko was cheating on her. She said that she confronted him several times, and that he always denied it. She said that he told her that he was busy with work, or that he was stressed, or that he was depressed. He said that he loved her, and that he was faithful to her, and that he was sorry for hurting her.

“He lied to me, over and over again,” Doherty said. “He made me feel like I was crazy, or paranoid, or insecure. He made me doubt myself, and my intuition, and my sanity. He gaslighted me, and manipulated me, and betrayed me.”

Doherty said that she finally discovered the truth in March 2023, when she saw a text message on Iswarienko’s phone from another woman. She said that the message was explicit and graphic, and that it confirmed her worst fears. She said that she also found out that the woman was a co-worker of Iswarienko, and that they had been having an affair for over a year.

“I was devastated, and furious, and disgusted,” Doherty said. “I couldn’t believe that he would do this to me, especially at this time of my life. I couldn’t believe that he would risk our marriage, and our health, and our future. I couldn’t believe that he would throw away everything that we had, for some cheap and meaningless fling.”

Doherty said that she confronted Iswarienko about the affair, and that he finally admitted it. She said that he begged for her forgiveness, and that he said that he made a mistake. He said that he still loved her, and that he wanted to work things out. He said that he was sorry, and that he would do anything to make it up to her.

“I told him to get out of my sight, and out of my life,” Doherty said. “I told him that I hated him, and that I never wanted to see him again. I told him that he was a coward, and a cheater, and a liar. I told him that he was the biggest mistake of my life, and that I regretted ever meeting him.”

That Shattered Shannen Doherty’s Marriage


The story of Doherty and Iswarienko’s divorce has sparked a lot of interest and sympathy from fans and media, as it coincides with Doherty’s ongoing battle with cancer. Doherty, who has been vocal about her health struggles and advocacy, said that she still believes in love and hopes to find happiness again. Iswarienko, who has remained relatively low-profile, said that he wishes Doherty the best and hopes that they can resolve their issues amicably. The case is still pending in court, and no date has been set for the final hearing. The story raises questions about the challenges and pressures that celebrities face in their personal lives, especially when dealing with serious illnesses and public scrutiny.

Doherty and Iswarienko’s divorce has been one of the most talked-about topics in the entertainment industry, as it involves two prominent figures who have been in the spotlight for decades. Doherty, who rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s with her roles in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed”, has been a household name for generations of fans. She has also been an outspoken activist for various causes, such as animal rights, environmentalism, and women’s health. She has been praised for her courage and honesty in sharing her cancer journey, and for inspiring others who are facing similar challenges.

Iswarienko, who is a photographer and film electrician, has also worked with many celebrities and projects in Hollywood. He has been credited for his work in films such as “The Avengers”, “Avatar”, and “The Hunger Games”. He has also been married before, to actress Taryn Band, whom he divorced in 2009. He met Doherty in 2008, and they got married in 2011, in a lavish ceremony in Malibu. They appeared to have a happy and stable marriage, until Doherty’s cancer relapse and Iswarienko’s alleged affair.

The divorce has also attracted attention from the legal and financial aspects, as it involves a high-profile and high-net-worth couple. According to reports, Doherty and Iswarienko did not have a prenuptial agreement, which means that they will have to divide their assets and debts according to the California law. The law states that any property or income acquired during the marriage is considered community property, and that it should be split equally between the spouses. However, there may be exceptions or complications, depending on the circumstances and the evidence. For example, Doherty may claim that Iswarienko’s affair was a breach of their marital contract, and that she deserves more than half of their assets. Iswarienko may argue that he contributed more to their income and wealth, and that he should receive a fair share of their property. The court will have to decide how to distribute their assets and debts, such as their homes, cars, bank accounts, investments, royalties, and taxes.

The divorce may also have an impact on Doherty and Iswarienko’s emotional and mental health, as they are going through a stressful and traumatic situation. Doherty, who is already facing a life-threatening illness, may experience more pain and anxiety, as she has to deal with the loss of her marriage and the betrayal of her husband. She may also face more challenges in her recovery and treatment, as she may lose some of the support and resources that she had from Iswarienko. Iswarienko, who is facing a public backlash and a legal battle, may also suffer from guilt, regret, and depression, as he has to cope with the consequences of his actions and the end of his relationship. He may also face more difficulties in his career and reputation, as he may lose some of the trust and respect that he had from his colleagues and clients.

The story of Doherty and Iswarienko’s divorce is a sad and shocking one, that has touched many people’s hearts and minds. It is a reminder of the fragility and complexity of human relationships, and the challenges and pressures that celebrities face in their personal lives. It is also a testament to the strength and resilience of Doherty, who has shown remarkable courage and grace in the face of adversity. She has said that she still believes in love and hopes to find happiness again, and that she will not let this break her or define her. She has also said that she will continue to fight for her health and her rights, and that she will not give up or give in. She has vowed to tell the truth and to expose Iswarienko’s lies, and to seek justice and closure. She has said that the truth matters, and that she deserves justice.

Shannen Doherty’s Ex, Kurt Iswarienko, Denies Affair, But She Vows ‘Truth Matters’

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