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Victoria DiGiorgio became famous as the ex-wife of a notorious mob boss and head of the Gambino crime family, John Gotti.

Victoria is also known to have braved the media storm of the Gotti family. She and her children have had many challenges in their lives.

Victoria DiGeorgio: biology, age, wiki, nationality, ethnicity

Victoria DiGiorgio was born on December 5, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She turned 77 in March 2019. Speaking of her parents, her mother was Italian Jewish and her father Russian. After her birth, Victoria’s entire family moved to Brooklyn. She belongs to a lower middle class family.

She was only two years old when Victoria’s parents decided to end the relationship. There is no information about her education or early life.

Victoria DiGiorgio’s Net Dignity and Salary

Victoria is a calm and forthright woman. She has been a housewife for 42 years. In an interview, DiGeorgio talked about how she and Gotti spent their days at the track. She also said that she would give $50 to play horse, but as a conscientious housewife, she would only bet $20 and keep the rest for household expenses.


At that point, John told him that anyone who saves that much money must have Jewish blood in them. And of course, she explained that her father was not Jewish at all! Victoria also stated, “And so it came to pass that everyone thought my father was Jewish.” She also told the New York Post, “He was Russian, but he wasn’t Jewish, although if someone thinks I’m Jewish, I’m not complaining.

Body measurements: height, weight, hair

Even at 77, Victoria DiGeorgio has her figure under control. And in the late 1970s, she was just as cute and dazzling. Few people could maintain their physical health at this stage. Similarly, she is 6 feet tall and weighs 132 pounds. As for her measurements, she has a chest circumference of 35-27-34 or a waist and curves. Likewise, Victoria has brown eyes and blonde hair.

Relationship Status

DiGeorgio was married to a lady. She was married to John Gotti, a well-known Italian-American gangster. Although no one knows when the couple tied the knot, the duo had four children together – Victoria Gotti, Frank Gotti, John A. Gotti and Peter Gotti. DiGiorgio was well aware of his wife’s criminal activities and strongly disapproved of them. Moreover, she argued with him about it and repeatedly urged him to divest himself of the criminal life and respect the law. Nevertheless, she did not publicly disclose her husband’s criminal activities.

Victoria suffered the very tragic loss of her second child and her first son, Frank, in an accident. Her neighbor, John Favara, was drunk and driving erratically. He ran over the boy and dragged him along for about 200 yards until neighbors jumped on the hood and stopped the car.

After losing his son, DiGeorgio became depressed and committed suicide. The star was practically bedridden for an entire year after his tragic death. As mentioned earlier, her husband was a mob boss, which led to their frequent quarrels and disputes. Thanks to her husband’s work, her son John Gotti Jr. also fell under the influence and was arrested in 1998 for gambling and extortion.

Victoria’s husband, John, was diagnosed with throat cancer. In 2002, John Gotti died in a prison hospital after losing his battle with throat cancer.

Net expenses and salaries

We know that she is not very happy with her life because she has endured challenges throughout her life. Nevertheless, she has inherited dollars and cents from her husband. In 2019, her net worth is about $2 million. However, she has not disclosed her salary to the media yet.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, his son, John Gotti Jr. kept his net worth at $10 million. DiGeorgio also inherited millions from his mother’s ancestral estate. The star is not active on social media.

Frequently asked questions

How much is Victoria Gotti worth?

Victoria Gotti: Victoria Gotti is a writer and reality TV presenter with a net worth of $2 million. Born November 27, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York, Victoria Gotti is the daughter of the late John Gotti, boss of the Gambian Mafia family (aka “Dapper Don” and “Teflon Don”).

How much is the Gotti family worth?

Net Worth: $30 million Gotti quickly grew into one of the largest family incomes in the history of crime.

Where is Victoria DiGeorgio now?

Victoria DiGiorgio Net Worth She married him when she was 20 years old and lost him to cancer in 2002. Today she is a 77-year-old grandmother and great-grandmother living her life far away from the media.

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